Sunday 15th March 2009 11:00am - Village Green

A large group of villagers gathered on the village green, adults and children ready for a day of tidying up various key areas of Fulford. The focus was on the play area; the green; the paths and alleys and several of our open spaces. The troops rallied and commenced battle with an enthusiasm and vigour that meant that any piece of litter or overgrown hedge did not stand a chance. By lunch the enemy casulty list was high, the remains neatly collected in green plastic bags, while the larger wooded items were gathered to face the eternal fire. Which when you saw the size of the bonfire is not too far from the truth as it may be burning for days!!  

The great thing about the Fulford residents is we never miss a trick...The Shoulder of Mutton very kindly provided soup and bread at lunchtime, so we sneaked an hour in the pub. Then the bonfire attracted another group who finished the day cooking potatoes and relaxing with a suitable amount of liquid refreshment.

It is safe to say that yet again we showed what is possible when the community comes together.... A very big thank you to all who got involved and lets hope that even more residents will help with the next one.

Mind you if they passed the bonfire and saw the group singing along to a ukalele and a recorder, being lead by a four year old and dancing in a strange manner they may think otherwise... it was fun though.









Now see the result!

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