This year’s photographic competition ‘A Year in Fulford’ will follow last year’s format of five categories Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Christmas with each photographer allowed to enter just one photo per category to no later than the closing date 21st June 2022.

Because there are limited opportunities to use portrait (as opposed to landscape) photographs in the calendars just one portrait entry per photographer please. Voting and awards will take place at the Community Fun Day on 9th July and the Village calendar 2023 will be on sale from mid-October.

Entries can be submitted at any time so if your 2021/2022 photos are ready (with your name and category) they can be sent in straight away. Best of Luck to all participants!

2019 Winning photos

Stuart Thorn - overal winner

Sal Jones

Stuart Thorn

Nick Mott

Tor Mott

2018 Winning photos

David Hudson

Stuart Thorn

Rowan Schaack

2017 Winning photos


Fulford - Tim Barnes

Fauna - Nick Mott

Flora - Martin Oxby

Under 14s - Finna Mott

2016 Winning photos

'Scenes from Fulford throughout the year'

Fulford Views - Tim Barnes

Fulford In Winter - Catherine Brown

Fulford Nature - Michelle Petts

Fulford at Worship - Ashley Holland

Fulford At Work & Play - Catherine Brown

Fulford Under 14s - Jacob Gill

 2015 Winning photo

 Bluebell Wood - Sally Jones

 Runners up

 Fungi on Fulford Road - Colin Gill

 Woodpecker in the garden - David Godfrey

 Fulfest musicians - David Hammond

 Winning under 14 photo

 Spring walk in Fulford – Oliver Lowndes

 Runner up

 Stokie Snowman – Ella Ostrouchow

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